Sharing the Road Video Series

Over the past 10 years, a team of large truck safety experts and commercial motor vehicle drivers from the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) developed and implemented a safety education and outreach program on how to safely drive around large trucks. The creation of this outreach program was triggered by research performed by VTTI’s Center for Truck and Bus Safety that found car drivers initiated 78% of incidents involving them and heavy trucks. The root cause of these crashes was found to be a lack of education and training for car drivers on how to safely operate around large trucks. To fill this gap, VTTI’s hands-on Sharing the Road with Trucks program was born. Over the years, this program reached, and continues to reach, thousands of individuals across the country.

Although VTTI’s Sharing the Road with Trucks program is designed to be completed in-person, this is not always possible. With funding from the National Safety Council, VTTI created a video series to further educate all drivers on how to safely share the road with large trucks. This video series is designed to present the same information covered during our hands-on demonstration.

The video series includes four episodes that cover the five main strategies you can use to drive around trucks safely. The episodes include:

Episode 1: Introduction to VTTI’s Sharing the Road with Trucks Program

Episode 2: Don’t Hang Out in the No-Zones

Episode 3: Properly Passing Trucks

Episode 4: Don’t get Squeezed and Maintaining a Safe Following Distance

If you are interested in bringing VTTI’s safety experts to your driver education program, please contact for more information and to schedule a call. Access the non-interactive videos on our YouTube page.