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Sharing the Road


Video Series

Although VTTI's Sharing the Road with Trucks program is designed to be completed in-person, this is not always possible. With funding from the National Safety Council, VTTI created a video series to further educate all drivers on how to safely share the road with large trucks. This video series highlights the same information covered during our hands-on demonstration. The videos discuss the five key strategies for staying safe around large trucks and explain key facts about large trucks (e.g., weight, braking, visibility).

The video series includes four episodes that cover the five main strategies you can use to drive around trucks safely. The episodes include:

  • Introduction to VTTI's Sharing the Road with Trucks Program
  • Don't Hang Out in the No-Zones
  • Properly Passing Trucks
  • Don't Get Squeezed and Maintaining a Safe Following Distance

Access the non-interactive videos on our YouTube page.